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PALMS is a spouses group that helps the Mayo Clinic staff, residents and their families.

This organization is directed and attended by wives of the faculty in an effort to create strong community ties among its members as well as to serve as a liaison for the spouses and significant others of the Mayo Clinic faculty members and trainees.

The PALMS group has social events, educational programs, club meetings and volunteer opportunities.

In addition to large group activities for all the faculty and resident spouses.We also have opportunities to meet with just the residents and spouses. Participating in these activites is a great way to get to know other people, and to hoplefully built connections that all of us need during residency and fellowship.

All activites are free of charge for the trainee's spouses.






BOARD 2008 - 2009.

President: Sheri Paul

Treasurer: Kathy Brodersen

Secretary: Angela Steffan

Membership: Holly Jolles

(Past President/Advisor: Debbie Safford)

Mayo Volunteer Liaison: Debbie Safford

Directory/Membership: Holly Jolles

Friends & Finance: Donna Brandon

DCMS Auxiliary: Donna Brandon

Photojournalist & Historian: Connie Phillips

Sunshine: Katie Pettit

Webmaster: Beatriz Trejo

Come and join in the fun activities at the Mayo community
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